Anchor Chart Stand!

Just finished making my own anchor chart stand to use in the library! Yay! I do not have a lot of free wall space in the library. So, I wanted to find a way to quickly access my anchor charts for lessons and activities, and display them during lessons and activities!
I love this stand and the cool thing is that it was very easy to make. Even better, the cost was only about $10!  A ton cheaper than buying a stand. What teacher doesn’t get pumped up about saving money!


All I needed to purchase was: 2-pieces of PV pipe (1/2″), 2-elbow connectors, 4-T-connectors. The frame was made with 2 30″ & 2-40″ pieces of PVC pipe, plus the elbows and 2 T-connectors. I used 2-2″ pieces of PVC pipe at the bottom of the T-connectors and added 4-6″ pieces of PVC pipe to create the stand for the frame. Put it all together & wah-lah…it was done! Finishing touch was to paint the stand! The only thing I need to add is end caps for the base.



I’m excited to enter the world of blogging!
I’m an elementary librarian in Oklahoma that absolutely loves what I do everyday! I love reading, technology, exercising & learning something new everyday!
Living the library life is simply the best!
Helping students become responsible users of information and life-long readers is a rewarding and puts a smile on my face everyday!
I’m looking forward to loading it with great ideas about libraries, reading, technology & lots of other goodies for the library and classrooms!